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What is Silent Angel Rett?

Discover NFTs

Our Mission, Your Collaboration. Rett NFTs are a non-profit initiative using blockchain to support individuals with Rett Syndrome. We are here to provide necessary support where traditional methods fall short, offering modern solutions like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Learn how you can join our community and make a real impact on many lives.

Inspired by Life, Driven by Technology

Our project was born from love for a daughter - our "Silent Angel". Our commitment is to assist people with Rett Syndrome through innovative funding methods such as NFTs and the RettCoin cryptocurrency, providing resources for rehabilitation equipment, home adaptations, and more. Discover our mission and values that guide our actions.

More than Support – We Create Community

Our aim is to gather a wide range of partners and investors to maximize the scope of help available. Our efforts include purchasing and delivering equipment, organizing rehabilitation stays, and supporting the daily lives of individuals with Rett Syndrome.

How do we help?

Rehabilitation and Healthcare Equipment

We provide essential medical and rehabilitation equipment that is often not fully covered by health insurance. This includes items like specialized wheelchairs, communication aids, and therapy tools, ensuring that individuals with Rett Syndrome have the resources they need for a better quality of life.

Home and Environment Adaptations

Making living spaces safe and accessible is crucial. We assist in the modification of homes to make them more disability-friendly. Our projects include bathroom modifications, the installation of stairlifts, and the creation of more accessible and inclusive home environments.

Supportive Technologies

Embracing the power of technology, we offer devices and software that facilitate communication and daily activities for those affected by Rett Syndrome. This includes speech-generating devices and adaptive technology that enhance the ability to interact with the world around them.

Community Building and Financial Assistance

Beyond physical aids, we build supportive communities through workshops, seminars, and online platforms that connect families and individuals affected by Rett Syndrome. We also provide financial assistance for therapy and medical needs not covered elsewhere, funded by our innovative use of blockchain and NFT sales.


Get Involved

Every Help Counts

By supporting us, you directly support individuals with Rett Syndrome. You can donate directly to our project wallet, buy NFTs that fund our support pool, or participate in our charity events. All transactions are secure and transparent, and funds are backed by gift made from physical gold and silver.

Distribution of donations:
- 50% goes to Charity Organizations & support families affected by Rett Syndrome
-30% secures the future of this initiative and research on new methods of supplementation
-20% covers expenses related to our current NFT collections


Lena is turning 13 this year. She has Rett Syndrome and faces many challenges every day. Despite everything, she is a cheerful and smiling girl. She uses a computer to communicate, which she controls with her eyes. Lena loves to joke, ride horses and bicycles, but her favorite activity is hiking, especially in the mountains. Lena needs new equipment for her mountain hikes.


Spending active free time with family is wonderful. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. Angelika is 8 years old and loves family bike rides. At the moment this is not possible, Angelika needs a special family bike because she needs to be under constant visual supervision of her parents.


Bella is a 4-year-old girl with Rett syndrome. Severe scoliosis is very painful in Rett syndrome... Because of this, Bella needs hippotherapy. Thanks to this therapy, Rett girls stimulate their muscles and brain to the correct position of the spine.

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Greta Górecka

Paweł Górecki

Maciej Harcej

Klaudia Jaszczyk

Adam Schimke

Rafał Górecki


Silent Angel Rett is a non-profit initiative using blockchain technology to support individuals with Rett Syndrome. Through the sale of unique NFTs, we raise funds to provide essential services and support aimed at improving the quality of life for those affected by this neurological disorder.

Silent Angel Rett provides comprehensive support through the following initiatives: Supplying medical and rehabilitation equipment necessary for daily living and improved health. Making home modifications to ensure safer and more accessible living spaces. Offering adaptive technologies that enhance communication abilities. Building a supportive community through educational workshops and financial assistance for therapies and treatments.

You can purchase our NFTs directly from OpenSea. Each NFT sale helps fund our projects and services for individuals with Rett Syndrome. Our NFTs feature exclusive artwork related to the challenges and experiences of those living with Rett Syndrome, crafted to both raise awareness and support the cause.

Silent Angel Rett uniquely integrates art with blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security in transactions. This approach not only allows contributors to see exactly where their funds are going but also provides them with a unique piece of digital art. Our commitment to using creative fundraising tools like NFTs sets us apart, marrying art and philanthropy to empower our community.

Connect with us!

Our Doors Are Open for Everyone. If you have questions, want to support our mission, or need assistance – contact us. Our communication channels, including email, social media, and the website form, are always available for you. Together, we can create a better world for people with Rett Syndrome.

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